Acute and long standing calf pain both usually originate from an injury to the calf. Your calf muscle describes the two muscles at the back of your lower leg: soleus and gastrocnemius. Soleus and gastrocnemius insert into the same tendon, the Achilles tendon which inserts into your foot.

The most common site to get muscle cramps in your body is your calf and the cramps may come on when doing exercise, after exercise or when resting.

The most common cause of pain in your calf is injuries to the soft tissues- your muscles and tendons. A sudden rapid movement such as going to hit a ball playing tennis may cause the injury. Shin pain is also a common complaint in the lower leg which can be due to muscle strain.

What lower leg/calf painconditions do we treat?

There are several different lower leg/calf pain conditions that physiotherapy can help with.

Common lower leg/calf pain conditions we treat at Farrell Physiotherapy include:

What treatment options are available for lower leg/calf pain conditions?

There are several different treatment options available for lower leg/calf pain conditions. When you come for your first appointment, after you have been assessed your physiotherapist will provide you with a tailored treatment programme. The treatment you require will depend on your symptoms and will be suited around your lifestyle.

Treatment may include:

  • Advising regarding rest, ice, compression, elevation
  • Ice or heat therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Orthotic or insole advice
  • Activity modification advice
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Passive stretching exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Balance exercises
  • Sport-specific exercises
  • Graded return to activity
  • Anti-inflammatory advice
  • PNF stretches
  • Weight loss advice
  • Footwear advice
  • Soft tissue massage

What is the benefit of physiotherapy for a lower leg/calf pain condition?

Physiotherapy can be of great benefit for lower leg/calf pain and the particular benefits you receive will depend on your condition and original complaint.

Physiotherapy assists with:

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased balance and co-ordination
  • Accelerated healing
  • Prevention of the injury recurring
  • Shorter recovery time

Why choose Farrell Physiotherapy?

We pride ourselves on providing excellent patient care ensuring you are always at the centre of what we do. We are committed to continuous education and development to make sure we are up to date with the latest practices and therefore you can feel confident you are getting the best possible advice and care when coming to Farrell Physiotherapy.

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