I’m not sure if I need a physiotherapist?

If you are not sure then please call us on 01245 830280 or contact us at (www.farrellphysiotherapy.co.uk/contact). We can then discuss your problem and decide whether physiotherapy would benefit you. If it is deemed beneficial, we can arrange an appointment for you at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, we will try to help by assisting you in gaining the appropriate treatment.

What happens next?

You will have an initial consultation where we will physically examine the problem, give you a diagnosis, do some treatment, give you some exercises for the problem and then discuss your treatment plan. If you require further sessions, these may include joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, postural correction, soft tissue massage, a home exercise program or gym program, self-management techniques and preventative advice.

What should I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable wearing. Shorts may be a good idea if we are treating hips or knees and a top where we can access your neck, back or shoulders if we are treating those areas. Please call us before your appointment if you are unsure (www.farrellphysiotherapy.co.uk/contact).

Will it hurt?

Our intention is to make treatment as comfortable as possible for you but sometimes more intense pressure and treatment techniques are necessary. You will always be made aware of this and you can, at any time, request for treatment to stop if it is too painful. Please call us (farrellphysiotherapy.co.uk/contact) if you have any queries regarding the techniques used.

What happens in the treatment sessions?

The first session will include a thorough assessment to enable us to diagnose the problem. After diagnosis, we will explain the problem and arrange a treatment plan with you that is tailored to your needs. Physiotherapy usually involves manual therapy and sometimes ultrasound. You will also receive an exercise programme and advice to resolve your problem and cure the cause.

What happens if physiotherapy treatment doesn’t help me?

If you do not improve after 2 weeks of starting physiotherapy treatment, we will refer you to your GP or to a specialist consultant for further investigations. This may be for X-Ray or blood tests or possibly an MRI scan. We have links with a few of the best orthopaedic and spinal surgeons in this area.

How long does a physiotherapy treatment session last?

Generally for 30 minutes but this depends on the patient’s needs. Longer sessions can be arranged if need be.

Do we accept private health/medical insurance?

Yes, we are a recognised provider for and deal with all major private health insurance companies. (See list of companies). TBC Please contact us (farrellphysiotherapy.co.uk/contact) if you would like to discuss your health insurance before making your appointment.