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In response to the problem where the current social situation no longer enables us to provide physiotherapy in person for the foreseeable future, we have set up a Virtual Clinic where you can access the diagnostic and treatment skills of our Chartered Physiotherapists by Video or Telephone.
Our Physiotherapists can diagnose you by observing your posture and movements and assessing the levels of pain. They can observe walking patterns and sitting postures and correct these via exercises and advice. There are many self-management techniques that can be used at home to help the aches and pains that you may be experiencing.

With the change in lifestyle lots of people are working from home which to many people is a good thing but be careful as it means a total change of work station, posture and hours of work.

One of the other benefits other than not commuting is being able to exercise more than we have done in a long time. This although a good thing can have its potential problems. Going from no exercise to a little or loads needs careful planning to avoid injury.

On that note, I am currently doing Joe Wicks with my kids every morning. It is great fun but it has made me realise how much I need to exercise more and also how important all the stretches I give my clients have become.

So, if you have any aches and pains ranging from a stiff neck to back pain from new work position or knee, foot and ankle pain or from exercise then we can help. Just click on the book appointment button below to book and we will be glad to help.


Director and Lead Physiotherapist


I would like to post a review for your website on the treatment I am receiving via Zoom. In these troubled times Ben’s set up a virtual physio which I find very beneficial .

Ben is able to look at where and how I sit at home and give me ideas on how to improve my posture. He also looks at issues from a different aspect, how i am doing things and how he can help me to resolve them.
We carry out exercises and assessments through zoom which I find is a very good way of getting the treatment as I wouldn’t have any treatment otherwise.

I recently have had a little bit of a problem with my calf and Ben was able to assess what was going on. He gave me the necessary exercises and I feel a lot better for it, and it’s only been one day.
Thank you very much Ben for all your help through these troubled times and the times before.

I have had two sessions with Ben so far and all I can say is what a brilliant service, I was sceptical doing a video session as I wasn’t sure how it would work but Ben immediately picked up on posture problems I was having and was extremely reassuring that we could fix them, I have just finished my second session and can already see a vast improvement in myself. For which I am incredibly grateful.

I couldn’t recommend service more, Ben has been able to fix problems that I hadn’t notice and no physio in the past had either.

Thank you so much.

Just had a WhatsApp video call with Ben, after an injury at work I needed some advice, highly recommend this Physiotherapist.

I give this five star rating as without my virtual appointments I would be no further forward with my treatment and getting pain relief. The meeting are very easy to put in place and to attend.

If anybody needs a physiotherapist cannot recommend this bloke highly enough..


Don't Let Pain Win!

Our Expert Physiotherapists in Witham and Chelmsford specialise in providing the latest treatments and techniques in order to get you pain free as soon as possible, cure the cause of your pain and help you to return to pre-injury levels of activity.

Furthermore, we'll also give you a bespoke exercise and rehabilitation program, and advise you on how to prevent re-injury and remain pain free.

Get in touch with us now on 01245 830280 or 07980 898212 or click below to book online!
Same day and emergency appointments available most of the time.


I recently injured my Achilles Tendon and I was able to get immediate treatment from a very enthusiastic physiotherapist at ‘Farrell Physiotherapy’.  I then had further regular treatment from Ben and continued with the follow-up exercises he gave me to do at home.  I found Ben’s enthusiasm contagious and with the treatment and advice he gave me I have been able to get back to regular activity.  I have been able to play 18 holes of competitive golf 4 days consecutively with there being no issues.


I was referred to Ben after a road traffic accident for pain in my neck. The service I received was excellent. He not only treated my neck pain but also helped me to correct my bad posture which was not aiding my recovery.
Ben is extremely friendly and gives a very professional service and I can’t thank him enough for resolving the problem. I would highly recommend him.

- Carol Joyce


I received excellent treatment for a foot and knee complaint that I thought would need an operation. It was very debilitating. However, after my course of physiotherapy sessions and continuation of exercises to do at home, I am now pain free and back to my normal exercise routine at the gym.

- C Dobinson


I am an animal physiotherapist myself and can not recommend Ben more highly. He is the human physio I have been searching so long for!! There are very safe COVID procedures, and a great friendly and efficient environment. Ben makes you feel welcome, explains things perfectly and always ensures you're comfortable.

Most importantly Ben has enormously helped me with my knees. After having radiographs, an MRI, seeing a NHS and another private physio - none of them could help in that way that Ben did in 6 sessions and continues to do so. I have a long way to go but I have never had any faith that my goals are achievable but with Ben I now do - thank you!!

- Lauren Hunt


I have recently completed a course of treatment with Ben Farrell and am pleased to highly recommend him to others. I went to see Ben when I was suffering with extreme pain due to a trapped nerve in my neck which caused pain to radiate into my shoulder, arm and hand. I got an appointment very quickly and Ben was able to diagnose the problem and work on alleviating the pain. Part of the treatment has involved improving my longstanding poor posture which I’ve had since a child and believed was something that could not be changed. Ben has also advised me on how to continue to work on this to avoid this problem from reoccurring in the future.

- Judith Woosnam


I visited the practice on personal recommendation following a doctor’s diagnosis of an as then unspecified “shoulder injury”. I had seen my GP as the increasing pain in my arm and shoulder was not only preventing me from lifting my arm above 90%, but was also increasingly stopping me from sleeping at night.

After an initial diagnosis session where Ben Farrell had quickly identified the actual problem, I then undertook a course of hands on physiotherapy and an increasing program of exercise. In view of the complexity of the problem (which I was advised had been going on for far longer than I has know), the physiotherapy program was, therefore, pretty comprehensive, however, always with excellent support and guidance from Ben along the way.

I am very pleased with the results and I am now both playing much better golf and getting a full night’s sleep. And, I have no problems lifting my arm its full range!!!! So, the next thing on the agenda will be the golf game at Benton Hall.

- Stephen


Before visiting Ben I had been suffering from pain in my achillies tendons, which had stopped me from running my first half marathon. I had previously visited other physios local to me but had made no improvement. On my first visit ,Ben immediately diagnosed that my problem was coming from an old lower back injury. I was impressed that he was determined to treat the root cause of the injury (back) and provide a long term cure, and not just focus on a short term treatment of my achilles. Ben’s friendly but straight talking manner made my visits very enjoyable. I was so impressed that I took my 14 year old son to see Ben when he had an injury prior to a very important football trial. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Ben to anyone .

- Mike Smith


Couldn’t have asked for a better service than I got in just 4 weeks I spent with Mr Farrell.

My first appointment with Mr Farrell was 4 weeks prior to running the London marathon and I was in no fit state to be able to run it due to a knee injury. Mr Farrell gave me a number of exercises to completely daily and a handful of one on one sessions as well. He also advised me on picking a better pair of running shoes to support my foot shape and create less pain in my knee.

A combination of the hard work put in by Mr Farrell and myself I managed to complete the marathon in just over 4 hours. A great achieve considering I couldn’t run for 4 months prior to the race due to my knee. My only regret was not going to see Mr Farrell earlier! Then I may have be able to probably train for it. Would highly recommend Mr Farrell to anyone, a very professional service and great results.

- Fraser Murray


One of the main things I learnt when you treated me was your ability to dispel some of the old chestnuts about joint pain. Through your physiotherapy and advice I now walk more and cycle a lot. I do not rest up when I have a flair up, I do the maximum exercise I can without causing to great a discomfort to my joints. I avoid Painkillers if at all possible.

I can honestly say that you have helped me to take a new outlook on life. Thank you.

Ben Farrell was very thorough and professional when I went to him for treatment on my tennis elbow. He treated my posture as well as the elbow. The exercises he taught me both enabled the pain to go away and stay away, thus doing himself out of work! He and all his staff were very pleasant and friendly and I would recommend him unreservedly.

- Shane Murphy


Ben is an excellent physiotherapist who provided a considered care plan that enabled me to achieve my goals. Ben in his unique professional and personable manner demonstrated judgement and considerable experience to assist my recovery

After suffering persistent shoulder pain for several months I went to Farrell Physiotherapy on the recommendation of my husband.

After only a short course of treatment and undertaking daily exercises I am now pain free.

I would gladly recommend Farrell Physiotherapy to any person requiring physiotherapy treatment.

- C Wiltshire

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