What are muscle energy techniques?

Muscle energy techniques describe osteopathic techniques for assessment and then correction of dysfunction and/or asymmetry of the musculoskeletal system.

Gradual decompensation or a traumatic fall or large muscle tear may cause asymmetry and dysfunction. This will result in tissue adaptability and resting length of muscle changes and these results may occur due to a response to pain, stiffness or functional loss.

Muscle energy techniques involve the patient performing small muscle contractions and then relaxing which helps assist with lengthening muscles. The theory behind muscle energy techniques is that one side of a joint with always relax to allow for contraction of the muscle on the other side of the joint non-direct pressure has been applied. If a joint is not used to its full range of movement, the joint function with decrease and it will become at risk of suffering injuries or strains.

Muscle energy techniques can be done safely on most parts of the body. You will be asked to hold contract your muscle for around 5 seconds against a force applied by your physiotherapist a few times in a row and the muscle should stretch a bit further each time.

What conditions can muscle energy techniques treat?

Your physiotherapist will initially carry out a full subjective and objective assessment. Following on from the assessment you will be given a tailor made treatment programme based on the assessment findings. Muscle energy techniques are often combined with other treatments and may be chosen if your physiotherapist thinks it is a technique that will help.

Muscle energy techniques are often used on patients who have a limited or decreased range of movement because:

  • neck, shoulder or back pain
  • sciatica
  • scoliosis
  • unsymmetrical arms, hips or legs e.g. when one leg is longer than the other
  • chronic muscle stiffness, pain or injury

Athletes use muscle energy techniques to prevent joint or muscle injuries.

What are the benefits of muscle energy techniques?

There are several benefits of muscle energy techniques including:

  • Restore muscle tone
  • Strengthen weak muscles
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Increase range of movement

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