A lot of people come for physiotherapy due to work related problems. At Farrell Physiotherapy we are able to carry out ergonomic assessments to make sure you are at the least risk of injuring yourself at work.

What are ergonomic/work based assessments?

Ergonomic/work based assessments are workstation assessments where a physiotherapist will come and assess your work place or desk to see if unsafe conditions are making you more at risk of injuring yourself and will provide ways or reducing injury risks.

Ergonomic assessments are a way of not just treating problems but preventing them from occurring which can save your employer a lot of money by preventing sick leave. Ergonomic assessments are growing in popularity due to more people using computers for long periods of time.

What conditions can ergonomic/work based assessments treat?

There are several conditions that can be brought on due to a poor ergonomic set up at work with back pain being one of the most frequent complaints at work.

Your physiotherapist can carry out a full subjective and objective assessment of you and can determine whether an ergonomic assessment is needed or not. An ergonomic assessment can be used alongside other treatments to help resolve symptoms you have and prevent re-injury.

Ergonomic assessments are often used in environments where you are:

  • sitting at a desk for prolonged periods
  • Using a computer for prolonged periods
  • Heavy lifting

These different work conditions can commonly lead to:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive strain injuries

If an employee is injured this means they will have to spend time off work sick which will cost the business a lot of money.

Ergonomic assessments will vary depending on the nature of your work. As well as assessing you your physiotherapist may also assess your:

  • Chair
  • Desk
  • Computer monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Document holder
  • Space and environment

What are the benefits of ergonomic/work based assessments?

There are several benefits of an ergonomic/work based assessment. Ergonomic assessments make sure you are working in a safe environment.

Ergonomic/work based assessments aid:

  • Reduced injury
  • Prevention of injury/re-injury
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced stiffness
  • Safer working environment
  • Prevent sickness leave

Why Farrell Physiotherapy?

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If you would like to find out more about having an ergonomic/work based assessment or any of our other treatments, or would like to book an assessment please call 01245 830280 or e-mail: infofarrellphysiotherapy@gmail.com.