What is gait analysis?

Gait analysis describes the analysis of your motion. A physiotherapist can observe and analyse how you walk or run.

One gait cycle is the cycle when one of your feet first contacts the ground to when that same foot touches the ground again; two steps is equal to one gait cycle.

By assessing how you mobilise your physiotherapist can find any abnormalities which may be causing pain or the problem you are having and then create a treatment plan based on those findings. If your gait is not normal then it may be causing excessive stress on certain structures which may be causing your symptoms. Worn shoes or shoes that aren’t very supportive may also cause your gait to be abnormal.

There are 3 typical foot positions when walking or running:

  • Flat foot: pronated feet
  • Normal: feet in neutral
  • High arched foot: supinated feet

You may be recorded whilst walking or running so that your physiotherapist can replay the movement to assess each different aspect of movement and provides a more accurate overall picture of your gait and what is causing your problems.

What conditions can gait analysis treat?

Gait analysis can be used for any condition that it is likely thought to be related to how you are mobilising and your posture.

Runners often have their gait analysed so that they know which shoes are best for them to provide the most support and by knowing how you run you can find the most ideal way to train and increase your performance.

What are the benefits of gait analysis?

By having your gait analysed you will know the best way for you to run and be able to find the best shoes for running. You can also see if the way you are walking or running is having an effect on the way your upper limb is working and how your overall posture is being affected.

Benefits of gait analysis include:

  • Prevention of injury
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced pain

Once your gait has been assessed your physiotherapist can provide you with a tailored exercise programme to help correct any abnormalities and refer you on to an orthotist or podiatrist if needed. A range of treatment options are available and often several different treatment methods are used together to reduce your symptoms.

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