What are trigger points?

A trigger point is a small muscle contraction which can be felt as a nodule or lump in the muscle.You have lots of trigger points in your body that your physiotherapist is specially trained to locate and treat.

When putting localised pressure on a trigger point this can reproduce quite severe pain that may be local to the area of the trigger point or referred to another area in the body.

It is not clear what causes trigger points but it is thought that they can result from a number of things such as: mechanical overload, muscle overuse, psychological stress trauma, decreased exercise, sleep disruption, joint problems, vitamin deficiencies and stress.

What is trigger point release?

Trigger point release is a type of treatment that aims to release pain by applying pressure directly on the part of the muscle that is causing your pain using their hands. Your physiotherapist can locate the trigger point areas within your muscle. This technique usually causes pain initially however as the trigger point is released your pain may decrease significantly or go altogether.

What conditions can trigger point release treat?

Trigger point release is used for any pain, stiffness or discomfort being caused by a trigger point and myofascial pain syndrome.

Your physiotherapist will carry out a full subjective and objective assessment to determine what is causing your symptoms. You will be provided with an individual treatment programme and if your physiotherapist thinks your symptoms may be related to trigger points, one of your treatment methods may be trigger point release.

Trigger point release is often used in addition with other treatment techniques.

What are the benefits of physiotherapy for trigger points?

There are several benefits of physiotherapy for trigger points including:

  • Decreased or eliminated pain
  • Increased flexibility
  • Decreased tension
  • Prevention of injury
  • Increased strength

When a trigger point is released the pain relief may be instant however physiotherapy may then be necessary to prevent your symptoms coming back and to treat other problems such as residual tightness or weakness following the trigger point, particularly if it has been longstanding.

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