I’m not a techy guy but have been dragged kicking and screaming into the land of blogging, so here goes!

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Ben Farrell MCSP, Member of The Health & Care Professions Council. I qualified 18 years ago from The University of East London with an Upper Second Class Honours degree in Physiotherapy. I am currently based in Essex and have 3 private practices in Chelmsford, South Woodham Ferrers and Witham. I have a team of 3 physios who work closely with me in these locations.

My team have a wealth of experience and skills gained from working in the sporting world with Premiership Rugby teams, The Commonwealth Games, Essex County Cricket Club and PGA and Junior England International Golfers. We have all worked in the NHS where we cut our teeth many years ago gaining essential knowledge of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, which is the area we specialise in. So whether it’s an acute sports injury or Chronic back pain we have the skills to get you better.

In preparation for this I started to read blogs and found that there was excellent information available to clients/ patients but some were written so well they were, in my humble opinion, too complex and difficult to understand. So the basis of my blogs is to keep them simple and concise.

I have a very strong belief system which I have developed over the years working in other people’s clinics all around Essex and into Berkshire. Each obviously had their own way, style, personality but most importantly, the way they ran their clinics. Working in these differing environments allowed me to appreciate how physiotherapy businesses are run.

Some focus on the humanistic side with less importance on business and others focus on the business aspect. I must admit to being firmly entrenched in the former, where a recommendation from clients grows my business rather than a slick advertising campaign to attract people from far and wide. I’m not saying either approach is wrong, it just depends on one’s approach.

Since the inception of Farrell Physiotherapy the ethos has been to treat the cause of the pain and not just give symptomatic relief. It is the very essence of what physiotherapy is and should be, in my opinion. Discovering the cause of the pain/ problem is paramount. Once it has been diagnosed and understood, the problem can be treated and rehabilitated effectively. One of the most important things in my everyday practice is to ensure the client understands the problem/ injury with which they have presented/ been diagnosed.

Understanding a problem, in my experience makes a client more likely to participate in rehabilitation. This leads to further benefits such as the pain decreasing more quickly, faster return to pre-injury levels of work, sport or activity and last but not least save money. I get a great buzz from saying goodbye to a client knowing that I’ve to help eradicate their pain/ problem, for it never to return without exceptional reason.

So now the introduction is out of the way look out for the blogs in the near future. If you have anything you think would be good to blog about please email us and let us know at mailto:infofarrellphysiohterapy@gmail.com