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For those that are dedicated athletes, it is commonplace for individuals to suffer from the occasional injury or aggravation. Perhaps there is tension being carried by your muscles due to them being overworked – no matter the cause, our team of specialists here at Farrell Physiotherapy will work tirelessly to enable you to get back to your pre-injury state. If anyone desires to educate themselves further on the associated benefits of undergoing, for example, a rigorous, deep tissue sports massage, we have dedicated information that you can peruse at your leisure.

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If you are looking to return to your peak physical condition, and want to do so via utilising methods that are holistic and natural, then you need look no further than Farrell Physiotherapy. We are well equipped to provide you with the finest physiotherapy sessions in the area; not only this, but we are also highly regarded as a sports injury clinic in Chelmsford. We believe that implementing an exceptional customer service support system is of paramount importance – our clients deserve the best. If you would like to discuss your requirements over the phone with one of our specialists, you can do so by giving us a call either on 01245 830280, or 07980 898212. We understand that there are those who would be more comfortable in detailing their ailment in writing – if this is you, you can submit your contact details, coupled with a brief message, via our website’s contact form, or simply sending us an email directly at