Do you seek the services of a sports injury clinic in Essex? Are you searching for a high-quality physiotherapist in Chelmsford? Why not get in touch with one of the specialists that we have at Farrell Physiotherapy, and see if we can help?

For those that may be unaware of the technical aspects of physiotherapy, what a course of treatment would entail, and the benefits associated with it, we here at Farrell Physiotherapy are more than happy to provide you with a brief overview. As a leading physiotherapist in Chelmsford, we utilise the latest in holistic techniques in order to provide a natural pain relief. Thanks to a team of specialists that have taken years to hone their craft, we are well-equipped to deal with a whole host of assorted injuries; whether you have been playing a sport and suffered a ligament tear, or have undergone a joint replacement and are seeking a course of rehabilitation, we are here to get you back to optimum health. For anyone that is nursing a problem, and would like to see if it is on our list of approved treatments, we encourage you to continue your reading throughout our website.

Although we are proud to be specialists when it comes to providing our services as physiotherapists in Chelmsford, we have continually diversified here at Farrell Physiotherapy. Subsequently, we are now capable of bringing our clients services related to sports massages and acupuncture – our comprehensive catalogue of treatments is available to read at your leisure.

Whilst we are dedicated to bringing all patients of ours an excellent level of care, and endeavour to get them to full-health in a hassle-free, short period of time, this is not our sole aim. When you come to Farrell Physiotherapy, you will have access not only to the finest physiotherapists in Chelmsford, but also an excellent customer service operation. With a team of hard-working representatives, you can be sure that you will be provided with responses, in a prompt fashion, that give you the information you seek. If you are looking to get in touch with us, there are numerous avenues available to you. For those who desire to discuss their ailment with a specialist over the phone, you can call us either on 01245 830 280, or 07980 898212. We also have means for those that prefer to liaise in a written capacity; we have an enquiry form, situated on our contact page, which you can submit with your contact details and a short message attached, or send us an email directly at