Do you need someone to perform acupuncture in Essex on you? Would you like to experience pain relief from the leading physiotherapist in the Chelmsford and Essex area? If so, Farrell Physiotherapy is here to bring you an extensive range of treatments aimed to bring you back to a peak level of operation. Why not get in touch with us now, to see if there is anything that we can do for you? 

You may know acupuncture as the process of sticking multiple needles into the skin, in order to receive relief; however, it is much more in-depth than that. At Farrell Physiotherapy, we are adept at performing acupuncture in Essex – with origins stretching back over three thousand years, it consists of identifying strategic parts of the body which, when a fine needle is inserted into, release a flood of endorphins and oxytocin in the brain.

Here at Farrell Physiotherapy, we understand that, when looking for acupuncture in Essex, or any of our related treatments, it can be difficult to decide on who to go to. That is why we adopt a wholly transparent approach and bring you a range of reviews on a number of our different services. If you go to our testimonials page, we hope that any trivial doubts you may have will be sated; we are here to help you. 
We also recognise that you may need treatment for issues unrelated to acupuncture, which is why we are pleased to inform you that we are well-trained in an assortment of disciplines. From joint manipulation and mobilisation through physiotherapy, muscle energy techniques and soft tissue manipulation in one of our sports massages, there is something for everyone. To check out our extensive range of treatments, you can go to our dedicated page here.

If you are wanting to receive a course in acupuncture in Essex, Farrell Physiotherapy will ensure that your pain is managed effectively, and in a way that healing chemicals are stimulated and produced by your own body. To start receiving any one of our treatments, all you need to do is get in contact with us; we want to make this as easy for you as possible, so have numerous avenues that you can go down. If you would like to chat with someone within the customer service division, you can give us a call on 01245 830280, or 07980 898212. As an alternative, if you would like to discuss your needs and ailments with us in writing, you can either e-mail us at, or use our enquiry form on our website for all queries and questions.